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Is your company considering moving your IT development to another country? We sort out benefits, challenges and what to think about.

First of all, we want to sort out the concepts of outsourcing and offshoring. Outsourcing means, as the saying goes, that you hand over work to an external party. The process is managed by another company and you and your company can focus on your core business. Offshoring means that a company extends production to another country. Offshore outsourcing is when companies move production of goods or services abroad and to an external company.

Cost efficiency

The cost is perhaps the main reason why companies choose to move their IT development abroad. You get a lower cost than you would get in Sweden and with that there is the opportunity for a bigger profit. However, not only attracted by the low prices, make sure that the company you choose is quality assured so that you do not throw the money into the lake.


Offshore outsourcing is time efficient. Save time and focus on your core area and get help from another company that can take over areas that you are less good at. If you choose to move the development to a country such as India, the time difference is an advantage. In this way, you maximize the hours of the day by the development team already working 3.5 hours while you were asleep.


It is important to ensure that communication works well. Communication can be challenging, especially when people are in different countries with different cultures. Work with clear leadership and straightforward communication so that you avoid misunderstandings. During the pandemic, most companies have more or less been forced to test teleworking and have therefore gained a little more experience. Working from different places in the world is not as foreign anymore.


It can be difficult to find skilled programmers with the right skills and experience as the demand is great. Therefore, there may be reason to look outside Sweden's borders. Ensure that the supplier you choose is reliable and has the right skills to take over responsibility. In general, it is easy to scale up and down with offshore outsourcing. You can quickly find specialists without affecting the company's processes


Feel free to contact us at Nenosys if you want to know more. Nenosys AB is an all-Swedish company with its very own development company in India, Quanro Solutions. We work with Swedish contracts, Swedish project management and communication. Development then takes place in the heart of IT skills Banglore in India by our colleagues there. Safe, affordable and quality assured.

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